1 am on my phone

On an occasionally sleepless night I have decided to look at my archaic blog that I haven’t been on for months.  Not such a good idea because now I’m just even more awake. But nonetheless I have come to realise one very important thing, that is the original intention of opening this blog was to record my journey in life. But for the last few months after graduation, more specifically after my two exchanges, I have not really updated this site much. But the truth is this: my life goes on, it has not stopped just because I stopped travelling. Perhaps this is a good realisation moment to start picking up this habit again. Now that I am around 10 months into my job, my very first full time job, it is imperative that I start picking up good habits and hobbies I have always enjoyed. Because work shouldn’t consume everything, it is time to learn how to juggle and not lose myself along the way.

P.S. Special thanks to Apple’s new verbally typing system what ever it is called because that’s how I (typed) this whole passage. It is a miracle to people who hate typing on a tiny non-existent keyboard like me. This is actually kind of cute like I’m talking to my phone but in a retarded way. Toast to technology!


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