There is this old Chinese saying “每逢佳節倍思親” (Festivals double your longing for family) and on Mother’s Day upon seeing all the Facebook posts celebrating today, there is no one I want to be with more than my own mother (whom I have to share with my younger twin brothers unfortunately…).

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My first memory of her was her voice. From telling One Thousand and One Nights bedtime stories (which gave me the excuse to sleep with her so one eyed monster won’t come to me at night), to her pathetically weak scolding voice when I failed 4 subjects in 4th grade, she has undoubtedly the most comforting and pleasant voice in the whole wide world.

She also has the most elegant penmanship in the world; those secret notes in my school bag reminding me to be attentive in school (though I rarely do as I was an annoying kid).


I was overjoyed during the few months she went jobless. (I know I am so selfish) We have had the best time playing made believe librarian and schoolteacher; fine dining restaurants with Ribena and play dough sushi. The only boundary in our world was our imagination.

Even though I have always envied my classmates’ mothers who are housewives; mommy made it up to me by surprising me from time to time. I still remember the birthday pancakes she prepared for my breakfast before school with Winnie the pooh and m n ms decorations; that time she surprised me to Sanrio workshop making Melody key chains… all these tiny bits became my most precious childhood memories.

Then puberty hits and I’m supposed to become the stereotypical teenage pain in the ass; but I didn’t. I could not bare being grumpy or rude to her because that’s just never part of our relationship. She knows just what I love from the card of ancient keys to my 21st birthday trip with GIRAFFES!!!!!! (OMGGGGG) There is no one in this world who knows me better. May be that’s because she always listens; during bedtime, in our afternoon and dinner dates and just whenever I need her. She is always interested in what I have to say from the bitch in high school to my puppy love crushes. Her words work like a charm and have never failed to solve my problems.


In the end I just want to end on a bible class memory I had in my early childhood. My bible teacher lectured us that we as Catholics are supposed to love God more than we love our moms. That’s the precise moment I realized that it is impossible for me to be a qualified Catholic because I could not love anyone more than I love my mom. (I love you too dad, but let’s save that for father’s day 😉

On Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for being such a kind and loving mother, helping me along my life into becoming who I am today. I also want to thank you for giving me big eyes and a tall nose ❤ I know I am too blessed to be your one and only daughter.


p.s. Yes yes you win, you were prettier than me when you were my age 😛


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