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The night is long, but a large crowd of people who care about Hong Kong is still out there under the heat. After all that I have witnessed first hand today, I simply cannot put my brain to rest without emptying all my thoughts into words. I first want to put aside the political side of things. Rumor / Truth, I cannot say for sure myself. Everything from now on is what I have heard with my very own ears and seen with my short-sighted eyes.

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The moment I stepped out of Admiralty MTR station, my sight was crowded with tiny dots of heads that seemed to stretch infinitely towards the west and east. As I walked into the crowd, I saw piles of materials: food, umbrellas, water, masks etc. and my heart just warmed. The protestors asked for help: manpower, food, protections; and Hong Kong people answered. I have never seen us being so united and caring. (think of the stares you get when you bumped into someone or when someone stepped on your new shoes accidentally)

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As I sat down, I realised the photos I saw on Facebook, the newspapers, the reporters’ interviews are simply insufficient in capturing the atmosphere here at all. Every few minutes, a volunteer will drop by and offer all kinds of materials that you may need; others are collecting trash AND ALSO RECYCLING THE BOTTLES! Everyone was very self disciplined in using the resources, it was about the greater good of the movement, of Hong Kong, and not about personal gain. People with speakers were doing crowd control, diverging the crowd and reminding us of personal safety. Loads and loads of materials kept coming in and cars passing by were honking to support us. I heard an old man walking along the route giving pep talks to the tired crowd while receiving cheers and applauds from them. Although the people were afraid, (yes, who wouldn’t be after what happened the day before), they still came nonetheless, with thin rain coats, masks and goggles as their only protection.

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At night, I walked from Central to Causeway Bay, I saw people singing our favourite revolution song, Broad Sea and Sky (I supposed that is the best translation I can come up with) with their smartphones’ flash lights on. I heard people applauding to the motorbikers who were transporting materials back and forth. As I arrived Causeway Bay after running into a few familiar faces, I heard the speech of Joshua Wong, a student leader who was recently released after being captured for an unreasonable duration by the police. He and other leaders have big hopes about this movement, but in my humble opinion, I am very worried as to how this will end. Despite how much I want to believe in the power of people, it takes more than a miracle for our fight of democracy. Then I heard a sharing from a British professor who had been teaching about peaceful protests. He said he had never thought of stepping into one in his trip, but he found this to be an excellent example of a peaceful protest. Then I suddenly realised,in the end, it is not merely about what this movement will lead Hong Kong towards .

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At this very moment, we have already showed the world what a city Hong Kong is. With zero vandalism, the buses that were stuck at Admiralty/MK are still perfectly in shape despite of being transformed into the hearse of CY Leung. (Opps.) Shops nearby are not covered in paint and the roads are free of trash! I don’t think you can find any other protests in the world that displayed such high level of self control and discipline. This alone is already a good enough justification to the Occupy Central movement. (which really isn’t JUST about Central, just like how this movement is not just about students anymore.) We are not releasing our resentment in the name of democracy; the high level of self restraint that we have demonstrated only further accentuate our pure will for democracy.

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I have had so many reasons to be proud of coming from Hong Kong. Anyone who has ever lived abroad can surely resonate. Thanks to Hong Kong people, in these few days, you have all given me another reason to be proud of being a Hongkonger.

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In the elevator back home, a foreign lady asked if I was at the movement. She then told me that she was very inspired, and that we should not lose hope because this is HONG KONG. My eyes were blurred by tears as she exit the lift. Hong Kong is and will always be a very special place.

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Enough of me saying, the best way to understand is to see for yourself.


5 thoughts on “Tonight, Hong Kong has given me one more reason to be proud of being a Hongkonger.

  1. We happened to be in HK for a short holiday and saw this on the news. (I wrote about it from a visitor perspective) My husband wanted to go, but I was afraid. Crowds, protest, police and tear gas. The next day in the bright sunlight I agreed. The crowd made me nervous and not understanding Chinese more so. Soon as we got closer I saw the helping, caring and pride of everyone peacefully sitting and chatting to friends. Others offered us materials as we passed the crowds. Many thanked us for coming and showing support. I relaxed and quickly become overwhelmed by what I saw and the hope of things that could be. I am Canadian and know freedom. I live in mainland China and understand the frustration. I have hope that everyone together can make a difference. Be proud of what peace you have accomplished and shown the world. As you say no shops are boarded up or broken. No looting and violence. I cannot be as proud of my fellow Canadians as some sporting events have shown how crowd mentality can get out of hand. This is my 4th visit to Hong Kong. Something about the city has always brought us back. Now I know why… the people.

    1. Thank you so much for your support! Yes indeed, I think a lot of Hong Kong people don’t realize it but we are making history now. Also, I believe freedom of speech and democracy is are universal human rights, I wish that the next time you’re back, we will have a brighter political situation in near future!

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