I couldn’t possibly delay this any longer; despite how occupied my days were, there was a teeny part of me that kept reminding myself I have got to finish this. Of course it cannot be that I couldn’t squeeze an hour out to write this piece, perhaps a bigger, more emotional part of me did not want this to end.


It is like if this whole documentary never ended, my memories in Europe would linger forever. In 3 weeks time, another new chapter will begin but nothing can overwrite what happened in Europe.


I could never forget the beautiful evening on the top of Arc de Triomphe. As I moved along the rectangular roof, my eyes were drawn towards different streets and views, Avenue de Champ Elysees, Montmartre, Eiffel, La Defense etc. The wind was blowing and the sunset shadowing on us.


Of course this gorgeous view came with a price : climbing 284 stairs was not a joke.


I could never forget Versailles. It was so posh and huge. (Or perhaps chic is more suitable 😉


I could never forget the confusing and overcrowded Hall of Mirrors.


Or One of the few cleared sky rain free day in Paris


Or the perfectly symmetrical french garden.


Or the wide and long hallways with gigantic paintings hung up proudly on both sides.


Oh and that Delicious lunch (oh so small portion) and the sauce! The sauce was the heart and soul of the dish.


As I was queuing to get in, I turned around and stared at the far end of the palace.  I tried to imagine what is must be like 300 years ago when there was nothing BUT this gigantic, lavish palace.


Where the King purposely took the imperial power away from the people (Paris); where only the selected few nobles can “watch the king rise from bed”. Where horses and carriages were used instead of automobiles. What the world must be like back then! (Almost forgot there was no flush either!)


I could never forget the concentrated faces in Musee de Orsay, sketching famous sculptures. I mean will you ever see that in Hong Kong? I doubt it.

P1130249   P1130241

The very last time I walked these symmetrical gardens. Trimmed trees and no grass.


Then of course there was Disneyland. I thought I would be ecstatic but I wasn’t. Is it because I am old now? I mean after all it is special, the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris (what a coincident there).


I had fun of course, the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride was such a huge surprise. I could still see how freaked out my friend and I were in the “haunted elevator”.

P1130463 DSCN3563P1130466

But honestly, it was not that great. I remembered Hong Kong Disneyland and Florida to be so much more fun. Or was it because I was younger?


P1130486  P1130438

Well, at least I learnt something new: This is Duffy, I first met him in Florida. He is a special bear Minnie made for Mickey to bring along to his sailing journeys. Mickey’s very own travel buddy. So “he would never be lonely.”

“ne se sente jamais seul”


Secret Wallet.

Gums and Ricola. Think again.



Good idea to outsmart thieves I think 😉


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