Seven Eleven. NO, not the convenient stores! I meant my little monsters’ birthday! 🙂 My most beloved twin monster boys. Happy 10th Birthday!

Ryan: Sis, I am so old, I will be double digit now 😦

Oh come on! Here I am on my very last summer (provided that I don’t further study other degrees) and you still got so many bright summers ahead of you.

Like last year, we don’t get to celebrate together, but up to date, I think we are all used to not spending these special dates side by side. Well doesn’t matter, there will be many many more to come 🙂

Ryan and Ronny, with all my blessings, I hope you both grow tall and handsome.

Dear God, I pray that you smile on my little brothers, inside and out, they’re better than I am.



P.S. Yea, sort of love 😉

Oh and that’s the boys “getting married” 3 years back 😉



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