Another Chapter in Life

Yes indeed this blog is a record of my journey in life, and not only about my traveling. So here it is, a quick update 🙂 As a fresh senior (pun intended), my second exchange kick starts at Rutgers, New Jersey! Home will be Piscataway for the next 4 months. Talk about being global ah ha. Obviously things would be oh so different, but I have faith that it would all just be a different kind of good.


Life is good. Life is awesome. Although this summer felt so short like it never happened, I have had a great internship experience and the best final week in Hong Kong. Sweats, laughters, hearts and stars. Up to this point everything felt like an accelerated dream.

May be I am just jet lag. Confused between reality and fantasy. R is for Rachel.


At this moment, pretty much everything’s settled. All tests/ vaccines done, moved into apartment, orientation almost over and school starts next week!


This will be home for the next 4 months, and they would be roommies 🙂 It is time to live “independently” again. It might sound silly, but the most exciting part when I come to think of it is doing groceries (buying ICE CREAM) and doing whatever I please again. 🙂 yay.


Although it is only my 4th day here, I have already seen a broadway show – Mamma Mia! ❤ words cannot express how great it was.

We got discounted tickets from the school and it was worth every penny/dime/quarter (?) huh, still trying to figure out how US coins work.


It was nothing like the movie! The set was genius, the two moving blocs could form different scenes and the “rocks” were so nicely designed that they actually change colors! I loved the set, the actors and the whole Mediterranean color tone. It was of a completely different vibe than Phantom of the Opera (yea obviously), Around the World in 80 days and The Sound of Music. I was taken by surprise when the disco concert popped up at the end. Everyone was singing and dancing along which was just plain awesome!


My favorite part must be “I have a dream” when the humongous full moon descend at the background. It glowed so bright that it almost blind my mind. The silhouette of Sophie and Sky was somehow so touching to a point that I had to force myself not to blink or I would miss out their last second on stage. What a perfect ending to a perfect day! (Almost forgot to mention, I got a FREE calendar, main point isn’t that it’s free, but i NEEDED one.)


I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile

I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream



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