Roadtrip with Dad at a glance (Evian les Bains, Thonon les Bains, Interlaken and Montreux)


Here is the town where the so-called best water, Evian, came from! We stayed in a cozy and small hotel. This was a really good lunch for 18 euros only before we checked in.



The beautiful weather followed us from Geneva and as I entered the room, I was overwhelmed by just how sweet everything was!


There were small sofas with stuffed bears at the corridor. They also used my favorite keys to lock the wardrobe. P1100802 P1100786

Our room opened out to a gorgeous balcony overlooking Lake Geneva and Lausanne, on the other side of the “lake” that actually looked more like an ocean 😛 And guess what came complimentary with the room? Evian brand water. OF COURSE.


The weather stayed picturesque long enough for us to roam around this rather empty town with nothing much to see. Then it showered heavily and we went into a Casino. Strangely, in all those little towns we went to, there would always be a Casino nearby.


There was almost nobody there which is good, I was quite tired of tourists pushing around by then (although I am a tourist too :P) Along the way we saw fountains that basically offers drinkable water (I know because I drank it and I am still perfectly healthy by now). That water is probably “Evian” water. Research has shown that Evian kept the location to where they bottle their water undisclosed to prevent people from polluting their “products”.


Since there was nothing much to do, we decided to drive to a Chinese restaurant we found on the GPS when the sky started raining hard. And to our surprise, we found ourselves at a different town – Thonon.


There’s me and my beloved dad 🙂 And after my first decent 3 courses 1 soup and rice Chinese meal in 4 months, the rain stopped and lovely puddles formed.


Although the sky was hardly dark, it was “too late” for shops to be opened. And when one’s bored, one does strange and retarded things. Well, that “one” was just me.



Next morning we headed for Interlaken and stopped by Montreux. Seriously a picture says a thousand words. I don’t know what else I can talk about these places because  there really was nothing much to do. Nonetheless, simply breathing the fresh air and indulging our eyes with the gorgeous snowy mountains was worth it already.

P1100909 P1100913  P1100928

Again, loving old couples under the postcard view. They have this look that says “wow, we’re both old, but it doesn’t matter because we still have each other”.


Interlaken was again back in the Swiss border. People were paragliding in the warm afternoon and there was a gigantic carpet of grass right between the snow-topped mountains. Again, nothing much for me to say, see it for yourself.

P1100999 P1110008

After crossing the lawn, we saw this really interesting “competition” between 2 churches.


The one above is Protestant and the one below Catholic. Well, they were perhaps fighting for believers because at 5pm both churches started ringing their bells really loudly and it was so chaotic! Really my first time to see this and I actually found it funny.


Cheese fondue again along with local beer that tasted mighty fine.

P1110023 P1110024

Finally our last stop, the OpenAir Museum that showcased the lives of Swiss back in the days. I LOVE open air museums, you get to play around with things and touch all kinds of displays that are forbidden to touch in a typical museum!


This cute little kid ignored her parents when they were walking away from her. Brave little girl.


Then me and dad tried to halved that piece of wood like people do in the old days. It was NOT easy at all.


Then the local ladies were so eager to teach me how to knit…I kept failing but they simply wouldn’t give up showing me so eventually I sort of was able to do a few stitches hahaha.


That was our lunch, mushroom risotto and sausages, it didn’t look appealing, but trust me, it tasted really good 🙂


We saw chickens and cows and goats and it was all just so much fun, going up and down their houses, climbing the stairs and playing with their kitchen and playrooms aaaah definitely worth bringing your kids there. It was my favorite place.


We could spend all day there just but no we stopped after visiting 1/3 of it because we had a schedule to catch! Zurich was our last stop.


This has got to be the best trip ever. No I’m not saying this just because dad pays for everything. Or that we get to have Japanese food, Hot pot etc… No. It was just so nice to have someone absolutely reliable, to have someone to talk to non-stop, who gives advices and encouragements occasionally. Just like all dads would to their child.


A big part of why I am who I am today is because of my Dad. Always supportive and caring even when I make mistakes. One thing I hate the most is letting him down. Despite of all the lessons I have learnt, overcoming my fear of the dark, of strangers, of carrying heavy stuff etc. I will always be the small girl I was.


Lessons my dad taught me (ones that I still remember)

1) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. As long as the holes are not detrimental, I will let you fall into it and you will crawl out by yourself.  


2) You don’t have to be the smartest person out there. The world needs a lot of smart people and you will do just fine.


3) Be nice to people, it’s a privilege that you can offer more.


Me: When can you accept that I get married?

Dad: Well you do know that after 21 years old, you don’t need my signature anymore to be legally married, right?


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