Geneva – Capital of Switzerland /Expensiveland


Brilliant day welcomed me into Geneva instead of the rainy forecast that I was expecting! It was not a particularly exciting city, but all tourists get to travel on public transport for FREE, which really soften my heart for it. The most interesting thing I did was a tour inside UNOG! I got to roam around a bit into the canteen and corridors (during the tour, I found out it was not exactly “allowed”) The Patek Phillppe museum was alright, loved the cuckoo bird clocks but there were just TOO many too many watches…


Inside UNOG, Everyone was in their impeccable suits looking extremely professional and I felt so out of place in my green and purple and boots. As the tour begin, we were into an actual meeting! I wanted to know if the country reps were ACTUALLY listening and researching on their laptops/phones.


Anyone know how to read this clock? All UN clocks in Geneva sponsored by the very own Patek Philippe.


The most fascinating room had to be the Human Rights Room. The ceiling was so gorgeous with a beautiful symbolic meaning. It represents the seabed, resources shared by all mankind, but from different angle, you see different colors.


That’s because as countries come into a meeting, they brought in different opinions and mindset. The smartest trick about it is that when you stand in the middle, the colors unify. This represents that after the meetings, a consensus would be reached, or at least people get to understand each others’ viewpoints better.


Now I just have to go to the New York UN Office 🙂 The one in Geneva is more special in a way because it was erected during the era of League of Nations. The infrastructure emphasized on the contribution from their members. The Spanish room below was used back then and the grand paintings also symbolized  great things that mankind is capable of: technical, social and medical advancement. It was a very intellectually enlightening tour and although the actual function of UN is debatable (especial the Veto Power part…)  I guess the world could have been much worse without it.

P1100586  P1100566

The part that UN made the most progress would be on human rights. This huge broken chair sculpture focused on the harm that land mines could do to poor innocent people. Moments like these remind me of just how lucky I am despite of other secondary (rather minor) “accidents” I have had.


As I roamed around the old town and the city, I found real ladybirds for the first time! They don’t look too much like the way cartoons depict them though.


I stumbled upon a rather retarded but cute attraction ” the world’s longest bench”…. LOL

P1100640 P1100647

My third city touring alone and apart from the insanely expensive sandwiches, I liked it the most. The weather must have played the biggest part, but also the atmosphere was so chill and it was nice to know people around were rich (seemed like the threat of theft has decreased although that doesn’t necessarily make sense :P)

P1100654 P1100657

Yes, I have seen baby cribs with twins but not with 1, 2, 3, 4 kids?! No no wait, it was 5 little children 🙂


Sweeeeetzerland 🙂


Most beautiful _____ (no idea what these are called haha) I have seen! I love these hanging ____. P1100652

The lake though was not too impressive. Perhaps I have seen too much water in Venice.

P1100705 P1100694

Switzerland, MORE ice cream. Movenpick was actually CHEAP. They also had Vanilla Coke!!! I have missed them so much, why why why did they stop selling them in HK so many years ago?

P1100706 IMG_2910

Of course, one could NEVER miss the deliciously rich cheese fondue ❤ ❤ Oh and Dad (who happened to drop by 😉 had steak. We shared the beef stew (oh – so – yummy) and I finished the cheese by myself. It was just hard to imagine ALL those cheesy creamy stuff INSIDE of me.


At night we hopped on a random mini boat that stopped by (it was free too!) without knowing where the destination was.


That’s one thing so great about traveling, you never know what to expect next.


Then we kickstarted my very first road trip in this sturdy ocean blue subaru forester. I just love SUVs. They looks cooler, allows me to see further and are so much comfier. I am so getting one of those when I grow up.

P1100770 P1100752

We flew by Switzerland for the next stop – Evian, France. Yes where the water is bottled. Dad asked me why I wanted to go there because I planned the entire itinerary, and I replied “hmm, I don’t know, because I want to?” And he just nodded.


You know how people say they have the best daddy in the world? Well, my dad probably isn’t the bestest, but I love him for everything and I am never trading him for anyone else, not even George Clooney.P1100763

And so here we went and I had the best week with my beloved Daddy.


Anyone see something special in this photo? ‘_’



Finally starting to write again after my last long trip! Geneva was more than a month ago! Where have the time gone? And wow, how I have missed my beloved laptop. Nothing better than the feel of typing on it and listening to the tab tab click sound. It’s soothing almost.

Now Just imagine I wrote all my posts in such an atmosphere. hahaa not.



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