Zurich (The loud burning of Böögg festival) and mini Liechtenstein



Last one on Switzerland and the random mini country that I have always wanted to visit. This is Zurich at night! It became increasingly difficult to take photos of the cities I went to at night because the sun doesn’t set until 9-10pm!P1110270 P1110275

Mirror hallucinations.


Our failed attempt on timer-set photo taking, but that’s kind of interesting! Like we were vanishing into the river. The blur you see on the bottom right was a really nice Swiss guy who told us about a Spring Festival the next day! So that’s why we decided to stay one more night there! Totally ad hoc decision.


Guess what that’s for? It’s a duck! (hint: not just decorative)


The spring festival starts at the afternoon every year so we went to Liechtenstein in the morning! Turned out there actually wasn’t much, (except Chinese tourists) like I was told, but it was still fascinating to be in a country with less than 35k residents! We went to a free museum about stamps/postal stuff, like the one in Monaco, seemed like these small countries like to have such kind of displays.


They had these outdoor “library shelves” completely unlocked! It is astonishing to see how disciplined the citizens are. Imagine that in Hong Kong, all books would probably be gone and never returned in 3 days.


That small castle up on the hill lives the royal family! I guess in such a small place, everyone must have already known everyone.


We only went to the “capital” Vaduz and it was rather sparse when we moved away from the tourists streets. We saw some gorgeous icy mountain tops beside the river 🙂

P1110322 P1110341

Time to head back to Zurich! (I fell asleep during the ride again, sun fu sai daddy :P)


This festival is mainly about people celebrating their hard work in Winter. Groups of different location (? my guess) and occupation march along and at the end they burn a poor snowman to symbolize the end of winter!


There he was, all tied up on top, waiting for his dying day :/ They say the faster it explode, the better the summer would be.


I figured everyone in Zurich probably went out because I have never seen that many people since Vatican.


She reminded me of my dad and I when we were young. She looked so bossy though.


At exactly 6pm they lit up the hays and EVERYONE cheered.


After almost 40 minutes, the body exploded and the fireworks inside it started making loud noises and so there we said our goodbyes to Winter!


THAT was a candy meant to be picked up by me, but the guy in red shirt was faster 😦 I could see it but I couldn’t REACH for it.


Great great weather and cotton candy that I haven’t had in ages 🙂

P1110209 P1110212

Aaaah perfect world. Whoever invented these completely not filling but fun food must be Peter Pan – someone who never grew up.



3 thoughts on “Zurich (The loud burning of Böögg festival) and mini Liechtenstein

      1. Stranger? :O I’m a stranger to you now? :O
        Anyways, was just a bit weird because I saw you type “Böögg”, so I knew you are able to write the accented vowels 😛

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