Vienna – Part 2


In total, we visited a whopping 7 museums in total! After The State Hall library, we went to the Globe Museum and Esperanto Museum. The next day, we made it to the Silvers Apartments, Sisi Museum (My personal favorite) and the Royal Place. Ended with the Papyrus Museum. Main point however, was that we always tea in between these museum visits. 

The Silver exhibition was monotonous, we saw endless plates and glassware that royals used in the past. Not really worth going but I guess that’s why they had to bundle those 3 museums together. Sisi Museum on the other hand, was so thoughtfully designed and Elizabeth (Sisi was her nickname) was such a tragic character.

In fact, I came to realized the entire royal family was completely MESSED up. (I would use another stronger word if not for the fact that my space is appropriate for all ages)


At the age of 15, she married the Emperor and due to her previous family brought up that was rather free and unstructured, she felt trapped and overwhelmed by the Royal Palace. She was obsessed with her own physical appearances because that was the only thing in her life that was within her control. She died with an 18′ inches waistline. Her first daughter died a toddler because she didn’t listen to her mom’s advise to not bring along the young kid to travel. Her youngest son committed suicide besides his mistress. Her life ended when she was assassinated in Geneva.

I am a seagull, of no land, 

I call no shore my home,

I am bound to no place,

I fly from wave to wave.

That strange feeling when you don’t fit into any part of the world’s puzzle, or perhaps it forgot to leave a spot for me?


I flee from the world and all its pleasures, 

And its people are remote from me today,

Their joys and their sorrows are alien to me.

I stand alone, as on a star.

I stand alone, as on a star. Despite the unparalleled view from above, I am all but myself. Her words pierced through my heart, and although I am no royal, I could relate to her: doing things that are against our wishes, the feel that our lives are out of our control, the emptiness of feeling lonely…

I wasn’t sure what it was that I learnt from the museum, or the point of setting up this museum with so much sorrows, but it did trigger my melancholic nerve and it was as if at that point in time, I was connected to this extraordinary women hundreds of years ago.


Back to Vienna’s desserts. Tiramisu with Bailey’s, Chai Tea Latte and Sachertorte (chocolate cake.) Sweet things always makes life sweeter.

P1090839 P1090840 P1090841 P1090842

When the sun set, we went to the nearby theme park next to our hotel. (Yes finally a 3 star hotel, why I love Central Europe, and would recommend young travelers to go)



The Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster, Soaring swing, Antique Coca Cola Machines, all radiated in a synchronized color tone under the blasting lights. There was nobody though, and it reminded me of Zombieland. So we left.


I stand alone

As on a star

In a foreign zone

Stranded and strayed

Relentlessly seeking

from afar


I stand alone

As on a star

If only I have known

Better or worse

That nothing gold remains

but scar


I stand alone

As on a star

Heart sinks heavy as stone

Solid but cracked

Plunged down and tightly sealed

In a jar


It might be a shorter post, but trust me, the poem took me the entire ride from Wien to Prague and more (which was almost 5 hours FYI)


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