Prague – erm…yea just Prague.


Why is it just Prague? Yes I was told it is gorgeous, and I believe it definitely is,,, if the weather cooperates. But when we were there it was not like that AT ALL.  The most beautiful and intriguing thing we saw was a bank… The weather was again against us and even the famous Charles Bridge failed to put us in awe.

P1090946 P1090956 P1090954

We really just went in and took photos. First time in my life to do that in a bank. The receptionist must be so used to this.

It is almost like a ritual to compare public transport here at Central Europe! Here we took the tram, and they were somewhat better than Budapest but not even near Vienna’s contemporary designs.



Prague food was good too, but then not as cheap as Budapest 😦 P1090880

Then of course, there’s the old town!


Easter Carnival again! Everything was so bright colored and little kids were staging cute plays. The kids were circling the “tree” (acted by a tall boy) and eventually all were stuck to it … I was puzzled by what was going on and my companion was spot on “The first kid played around the tree, and was glued to it, and he called for help, and all other kids tried to help out but ended up glued to the tree too.” – Wow. 😉

P1090990  P1090998

Easter Tree. Eggs on Trees. It was almost as absurd as Dali’s sculptures.


As we roamed around we passed by this little shop with overflowing goods that I did not dare step foot in; as if the moment I pushed the door all stuff would collapse on me.

P1100004 IMG_2875

Highlight of Prague! Kafka’s statue. This was hilarious, and also proof of “nothing is possible unless you at least give it a shot.” I have not been piggybacked in years, and I would not have thought that the Piggy would be my roommate 🙂 🙂

People were taking photos of us, I guess they don’t see 2 girls doing that often 😉

Angry girlfriend: See, even that girl can do that. How come you can’t? (It was in Chinese 那個女生都可以怎麼你不行?)

Poor weak boyfriend: …

Sorry boyfriend, my roommate is just super strong 🙂


For dinner, we were at this restaurant with wifi.

Me (being smart to double check): Do you guys have wifi?

Waiter: Oh yes, but we are not an internet cafe.

Me: … erm Ok so if we eat here, we can use it , yea?

Waiter (with a smile on his face): Oh yes sure.


We saw everything that is to see in one day. Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock in Old Town, THE BANK. haha.


The Prague Castle was super freaky at night especially when there were only 4 people. My camera failed at night :/ but the view was actually quite nice. Very different of course, compared to the beautiful night view that I missed so dearly in Hong Kong.

P1100049 P1100093 P1100100


So there, everything checked in a day. The next day, we went again to these places, but in the morning instead. (Not really morning, but 2pm :P)


P1100124 P1100161

We saw a couple taking wedding photos, aww it was so adorably cute. Photographer was super demanding on the bride though, and she just bent lower and lower and lower…hilarious. The groom just had to stand there, how unfair.

P1100136 P1100140

I have never seen such horrifying statues outside of Churches…imagine that’s what we saw the night before! Explains why I did not dare take too many photos then …


The sun refused to shine…sigh.



They rolled crepes differently around here! (But I preferred the french ones more, then the Budapest ones. 🙂



P1100189 P1100190


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