Vienna – home to lovely music and my extra weight gained – Part 1




Right before our bus ride from Budapest to Vienna, we used the rest of our hungarian money, 305 huff to buy 2 hash brown that cost 200 huff each. Yes, the math does not add up so how did that happen?


P: One hash brown please.

Nice staff: 200 huff.

P: I have 105 huff left, can I buy anything with it?

Nice staff: No I’m sorry.

P: Well then please have it, we are leaving today and the money would be useless to us.

Nice staff: Sorry, we can’t take tips.

P: hmm… then can you give us one more hash brown? (wink wink)

Nice staff: okaaaay…. 😀 Wala~ Mission impossible checked.


Well, sometimes you just got to ask 😉 Who knew McDonald’s would give out half priced food?



We were also outsmarted by our smartphones who reminded us of the change of summer time so we did not miss the bus! And since we won’t be here when they change back …we lost an hour IN LIFE.



Vienna greeted us coldly, with snow. And we responded with a nice nap before lunch. (The staff in our hotel folded my pajama :’) so considerate. I tested their kindness by putting 3 shirts on my bed, and all were nicely folded when I came home.



We arrived city center and the umbrella we bought was completely ripped by the strong wind…


So first, we went to an elegantly designed library – The State Hall. Those books were not for checking out because the oldest ones dated back 1501! It was like entering a dream of intellectuals, as if simply breathing in the air in there would pump up my brain with knowledge…yea yea yea only if it is that easy to be smart -_-

P1090609   P1090619

Snapped back to reality by the exhibition on the sufferings of Austrian Jews. The letter below was written by an imprisoned husband to his wife, affectionately. One of the few exhibits in English because all materials sending out from the concentration camps had to be censored.P1090616

It brought tears in my eyes when the words I am perfectly all right flooded my sight. May god bring us together again very soon. It was so heartbreaking.





I also learnt something new on my first day in Vienna by visiting the Esperanto museum. It is an artificial language created with the vision of uniting mankind and facilitating easier communication around the world. Really interesting concept.


Would human beings really love and care about each other more simply because the same language is spoken? Experience told me cultures are just generalizations and they can only give me limited insight at best. Values of individuals are what really connects us.


I have also learnt that many words we use today were created rather recently. Serendipity – the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident, It’s origin is surprisingly Sri Lanka – Serendip. Serendipity, the recurring motif of my life. Seek no more, and you shall find 🙂



For dinner we tried some Schnitzel and they were oh so good.




P1090671 P1090670


Finally the weather was nice again and we visited the (cafe of) Belvedere palace.

P1090688     P1090703

P1090722  P1090727


Tea oriental chai latte, chocolate cake, mochaccino and marble cake. Nom nom nom 🙂



Our plan was to shop but turned out all things were closed on Easter Monday except souvenir shops and cake shops. Sigh, So inevitably we were obliged to eat more cake…





This, my friend, is Vanilla mousse with raspberry !


Seriously, as we were looking for directions, all we saw were these super tricky fonts…who would be able to read them from across the street?

P1090742 P1090743

Angry little biker on the other side Oh come on, when will the light change ? 

P1090733 P1090738


It might sound like non-stop eating, but believe me, the situation required us to do so.

Dinner, Pan fried shredded potato with sausage and salad, Viennese Soup (it reminded us of Chinese noodles soup) 


Final observation: Their metro was so much more modern and sharp compared to Budapest! I guess after all, it’s kind of like the tunnels of Switzerland and Italy 😉

P1090765 P1090677


Some things just never gets old.





6 thoughts on “Vienna – home to lovely music and my extra weight gained – Part 1

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and you have a new follower 😉
    I envy you! To be so young and traveling the world.
    I’m hoping to pursue postgrad studies in UK soon, I do wish to visit Spain and Italy like you did.. Amazing photos and entertaining captions!

    1. Thank you for following me! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed reading. I hope you will get into the program you desire! Spain and Italy was food paradise !!!

  2. You write really well. I hope you don’t mind if I point out that Esperanto is more than just a “really interesting concept”. “. I see things differently. I see Esperanto as more than an interesting concept. It is a remarkable success story. It has survived wars and revolutions and economic crises and continues to attract people.

    Esperanto works! I’ve used it in speech and writing in about fifteen countries over recent years. I recommend it to anyone, as a way of making friendly local contacts in other countries

    If you’re interested in Esperanto, take a look at

    1. Yes indeed, from the museum they said Esperanto is the most successful artificial language. Perhaps it’s more popular in Europe and the States as that was my first encounter of Esperanto.

      I am amazed by how comprehensive and systematic it is! But I think the problem really is that people will only learn it when it is widely used, but it cannot be used everywhere unless more people learn it. This catch-22 problem is perhaps what hinders Esperanto to become a more influential language, such as being used in Worldwide organizations like UN. But that’s just my opinion, I love any initiatives that bring people closer 🙂

  3. Language is more than connecting people! It reflects the history, culture, lives, values, thoughts, etc…, of different (sets) of people! We respects different countries have different languages, even different dialects within a country. Language is also not static. It evolves according to time, life shifting, technology and many more… On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need a unified language to connect people! There are so many thing that can connect the hearts of people from all nationalities, races, sexes like music, sports, movie, and…

  4. Yes I agree, it is like what TOK taught us 🙂 I think a unified language is mainly to facilitate communication, like English. If you can speak it, you can practically go to most places minus rural parts of course, and may be French people who don’t like to speak English (generalization that I don’t agree 100% on)

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