Once upon a time…

P1060839  P1060753

Amidst the rather “famous” cities in Southern France such as Cannes and Nice, there lies several captivating small villages that are really worth going. They might all look kind of similar at first glance, but to actually be there you can feel the subtle differences amongst the lay out of the village, the pavements, the twists and turns between the alleys.

Saint Paul de Vence



Traveling back to Medieval Ages, the entire village was erected back in the 14th-15th century but amongst the old fortress and cottages, the place was painted with a modernistic aura.

P1060766 P1060773 P1060775

Right above the tourism office is a free art gallery. (With random black and white rocks that I have no clue about…)



Although art is not my thing, it really added a special coating to the entire village. Art galleries of different themes and styles were on every corner, each with a beautifully crafted sign hanging from the top.

P1060772  P1060777P1060776 P1060790

Then there were always random art pieces, sculptures just lying all over the village, blending in. (Or standing out) Art is inextricably linked to the village, not a single piece can be left out.

P1060828 P1060827 P1060834  P1060786 P1060823  P1060815 P1060812

It was as if I were in the Middle Earth of Lord of the Rings.



I know.. photos overload, but it was just hard to describe with words! See for yourself 🙂


Have a nice day! More on other villages tomorrow.



Now heading towards Monaco/Italy, there lies an even smaller village all  the way up the top of a mountain – Eze. It is famous for even Nietzsche found  the truth of life while hiking up the hill top. Of course I just took the bus up for I am no philosopher… I thought I could just go to one of the two and I would have seen it all, but the truth is, the view up Eze is very different.

P1060859 P1060883

From the top you can have a gorgeous view of the ocean (the weather was not perfect unfortunately…) and on one side you see the old clock tower.





Eze feels even older, and less touristic. There were so few stores (or perhaps it’s off season) and the style is slightly more reserved.

P1060849 P1060853     P1060895  P1060914 P1060917 P1060923

There were also metal giraffes in a hotel! (I love giraffes for reasons that I am not quite sure of) It’s like how I felt towards stars and chocolates and all other adorable things.






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