Arcachon (Bordeaux Finale)

Last day in Bordeaux! I was annoyed by mosquito at 3 am… and my leg decided to protest against the non-stop walking by having cramps at 5 am πŸ˜› But of course, those small incidents did not stop me from taking the morning train to Arcachon! The only thing there really, is the largest sand dune in Europe! (500 m wide and almost 200 m tall O.O)
Β P1060550
I was so lucky to have met another student who is studying abroad in Germany at the tiny bus – stop.
If not I could have fell from the sand dune, rolled down, broke my ribs, got stab by branches straight down my throat and no one would notice… (I wouldn’t look like this if that happened… somehow extremely windy that day, but also sunny so I will not complain πŸ˜› at least it didn’t rain!)
But we were not the only ones, there was a group of high schoolers from Dublin for a French study trip. The teachers were really nice, and they made me missed high school. So much.
P1060571 P1060575 P1060594
The sand dune was situated between a huge forest and the ocean. I did not understand how it just build up there but apparently it has been there for thousands of years. Another thing that I have learnt from my exchange in Europe is how magnificent and absolutely gorgeous nature is. I was so proud that I made it up and came back down without falling/tumbling/rolling.
Β P1060565
After the girl left for her train, I scrolled around the “winter town” which was just local homes painted for tourists with random names like Mona Lisa.
P1060622Β P1060639P1060635Β P1060626Β P1060612
I managed to arrive a park by looking at the map and an old lady approached me. She could only speak french but to my understanding, she wanted me to follow her to a nicer area. Once we left, she told me that park was not safe and dangerous people go there. (again, I tried my best to interpret her, we could not communicate verbally AT ALL). Her kindness however, shinned through our language barrier:) She showed me the way back down and I was disappointed to find the boat rides were all cancelled.Β P1060642
I still had some time before the next train so I went into a local supermarket and FOUND THE LINDT CHOCOLATE at a cheaper price so I bought 7 packs. When I checked out, the old man behind me asked if I like chocolates πŸ˜› and then he asked if I am Russian… I wondered what happened to the way I look πŸ˜›
After huge effort to clear out the sand from my shoes, bags, jacket’s pockets and HAIR, I took the train home.
The last dinner at Bordeaux was completed in a “Michelin” recommended restaurant that is good value for money πŸ™‚ It really was worth every euro I paid. If only I live here, I will come every week to try their menu.
When we arrived at 7:30pm, I was disappointed that there were nobody.
Menu in French, the lady was so kind to translate everything for us πŸ™‚
Pumkin Puree Cold Soup
Appetizer A: it’s actually just ham and cheese on pastry but they managed to make it taste good
Appetizer B: Mushroom Soup with random delicious stuff in the middle. πŸ˜›
Main Course A: Baby cow.
Main Course B: (what my mom would get, so I got this) FISH the sauce was really good I loved my main course most
Main Course C: Knuckles!
Side dishes
Dessert A: Quite self explanatory I think, it’s simply impossible for anything chocolate to taste bad.
Dessert B: Cheesecake (It was really fluid, kind of like a sweet cheese soup but with peach at the bottom so the flavor is balanced out πŸ˜‰
Dessert C: I can’t remember what this is but the top was definitely ice cream πŸ™‚
By the time we were about to leave, the restaurant was bustled with hungry people.

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