Bordeaux Day 3 & 4

It is day 3, and it is a SUNDAY! While most things are closed on sundays in Europe, markets are still happening. That is where everyone goes with their family to scroll around, bond and enjoy some quality time together. So with that in mind, we started walking along the harbor and passed by the first “touristy” place, Place des Quinconces,  which is one of the largest square in the whole of Europe.
P1060350 P1060353
Right in front of us was already the port! It was finally sunny and the market welcomed me with bustling chatters from the excited crowd. Food were fresh and they smelled good.
Oyster, Seafood grill and a chocolate cake for lunch.
There was also a street skating area – FOR KIDS. They were just so adorable. They fell, cried, got up and rolled again. They made mistakes, and they moved on and tried again.
What is it about growing up that made us lose this ability to look past things and carry on? When did I lose the courage to learn from trial and error?
Then we walked through the grand bridge and there were basically nothing on the other side…just like the dead city from I Am Legend. Walking back to Saint Michel church, I saw cheap but pretty strawberries again 🙂 1 euro for the whole bucket of edible flower. (my cousin used to think strawberries are flowers…)
P1060446   P1060461P1060457  P1060452
At night my friend’s roommate cooked delicious Chinese food dinner that I haven’t had in the past month! 2 bowls of rice and my crave for Chinese food was still not quite satisfied. After dinner, I captured Bordeaux under the veil of the night. The lamp posts were green and pink, they even changed colors. The city was so different from where I used to live (Juan Les Pins) and the fusion of old and new was rather impressive.
P1060509 P1060487 P1060543
After a good night’s sleep, I was awaken by the colored sunlight shinning subtly through the tinted glasses on the ceiling. Then I thought a nice brunch is the way to start my day.
Swiftly I scooped myself out of my blanket and left home in 15 minutes. Bordeaux said bonjour to me with drizzles and I found the cafe I had in mind. I figured a high sugar content meal is called for a cold, gloomy day, so I ordered a grande caramel macchiato with cookies, and crepes with cream and Nutella. Then I sat outside and wrapped myself in one of the green blankets they had there. The cream was divine, foamy and milky. One lick and I am emotionally soothed. Some of the cookie melted inside and some I just ate them. The crepes was generously filled with Nutella. It swirled down my throat and the smooth and thick Nutella entered my system. Such a fattening and comforting brunch. Just sitting here and listening to the sound of people passing by, the heels, the chatter, the rain drops, the sound of greeting kisses on the cheek…I think I found inner peace 🙂
No one to report to, no time constraints, it is just me and freedom. And a full stomach.
Then I headed off to shop! I haven’t seen any shopping malls in my town and I was so jealous at my friend’s place with such a central location. I managed to walk through one of the longest, and also most confusing shopping lane in Europe. Rue Ste Catherine, and arrived home safe. We cooked failed dinner, sort of burnt eggs and rice that was too soft, but it was still edible and the conversation distracted the quality of food.

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