Bordeaux Day 2

After a really nice long sleep, we woke up realizing that we have overslept. We had to run like crazy to the train station and made it on time, to Saint Emilion, YET another UNESCO!

I was greeted by some really interesting people but due to privacy, I should not get into more details. 😉
Turned out the train dropped us in the middle of nowhere, but thanks to GPS, we passed by a million empty vineyards and finally arrived a really old town.
The village of Saint Emilion. The weather was unfortunately quite cloudy at first …
P1060247P1060248 P1060258P1060260
Due to the rush in the morning, we did not have much time for a full breakfast, so the first thing we did was have lunch. Beef and Chateau Lacoste.
A caramel colored fluffy cat apparently wanted to join our little lunch. He was so nice to touch. There was a constant shifting of sunlight through the windows during our lunch.
Although we came when the sky was cloudy; when we left we all had to put on sunglasses! O;O 🙂
P1060282P1060279 P1060278 P1060275 P1060290 P1060285  P1060300
The initial planning of wine tasting didn’t work out so we went to a Church, built in 11th century, that was carved out of stone instead. It was an underground church with baby corpses. Extremely creepy, there were human bones, skeletons on the ground, which I dare not take a photo…
There was another part of the church that’s rather interesting. The paintings on the ceiling was so well preserved because they were making certain chemicals for the war back then. The black fume covered up and protected the paintings and after hundred of years, people  scrapped the black stuff out and found beautiful and historic paintings underneath.
It is kind of like life, sometimes things turn out unpredictably better than you thought, just when you think certain things are unfortunate, life might just swirl it around and change everything for the better 🙂 – Stay Optimistic but be alert and count your blessings.
The next thing worth noting is the convertible BMW 😛 and the nice cup of coffee with chocolate (Leonidas, 3.3 euros for 82g!) while the boys have cigars.
As for dinner, we whipped up some quick food but of acceptable quality, and continued my planning… (remember how there is no break in between traveling, friends coming and schooling? x)

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