For some reasons, there seems to always be some kind of festivals happening in a certain part of the South. Apart from the circus festival in Monaco in January, there was a small scaled festival on love, chocolate and pastry in Antibes. And yes of course there was free tasting.


Then there was the Nice Carnival. To be honest, I was not quite sure why everyone was so excited about ugly humongous cartoon characters being all over the city, but perhaps French people really like parades that much.

P1070245 P1070248

Traditional specialty snack – Socca. Actually only the crispy layer on the outside taste good. The middle felt like it was not cooked through.


Another festival was rather random – Menton Lemon Festival. They made use of lemons and oranges to build landmarks from “Around the World in 80 days.”

P1070266 P1070327 P1070326

No wonder it was so expensive to buy lemons around here (sigh) They must have used millions of it to create all the displays. It might sound boring but actually the atmosphere was quite enjoyable 🙂





There were live performances in accordance with the display, such as fire dancing near the Japanese temple, saxophone performance at the entrance, french comedy show, indian dancing and last but not least,  fake Beatles performance at the UK section.






Actually the whole festival was rather hilarious… The crepe maker asked me to take a photo of him with the hat on.


Poor baby, frozen and did not understand what was going on.


Perhaps the idea here is that when you love life, anything or any day can be a celebration or a festival.



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