Barcelona Day 4

The tiredness from constantly walking and being hyper finally kicked in but that did not stop us from making the most out of our trip. We determinedly left hostel at 9am again and stuck to our plan. 🙂
P1050959 P1050962
First we took 1.5 hours up Montserrat Mountain. Legend has it that’s where Gaudi got his inspiration. The cable car was sadly under construction so we took a small train instead. It was quite pretty up there. The mountains did remind me of Gaudi’s design (or may be I was clouded by this piece of information 😛 and it distorted my filter – TOK)
 P1050965 P1050973
Since this was off season, we got to explore the place quite thoroughly.
P1050987   P1060001
People who likes hiking would no doubt like this place, but as said before, we were exhausted so we just went directly to the famous boys choir. We climbed up a statue that says “No climbing” 😀
P1060006 P1060003
I was beaming in Spain everyday. Weather does have a huge impact on someone’s emotions. Food, Weather, People – make sure I take that into account when I choose where to work in the future ^^.
The old couple were holding each other’s hands… how loving and kind even after all these years. Perhaps being around Europe long enough would eventually make me believe that love is not a myth. It is true and is here to stay.
 P1060027 P1060033 P1060048  P1060066  P1060090
The church itself was quite impressive, especially the plaza area in front of it. There was also a black faced Virgin Mary inside.
The boys were really young and cute. I imagined if we get to hear Angels sing, they would have sounded like them.
 P1060061 P1060081 P1060077
Here the hawkers all sell the same products (I don’t understand how they survive, no differentiation point at all!) and I bought 6 flavors of honey ! They were from different flowers and have different healing power. 😉
We had lunch near the arena and the pork intestines tasted really good. The cheese risotto tasted way better than it looked. But we were too hungry, and forgot to take photos of it 😛
Finally we have seen most of Barcelona and decided to just shop and walk to the port vell beach. On the way I found MALTESERS lolly stick. It made my day!!! There were other flavors but my stomach refused to cooperate with my desire 😦
We wrapped the day with a last visit to a nearby plaza. I was rather sad that it was the last night I have with Spain. 😦 I will definitely be coming back.
P1060131 P1060114 P1060112 P1060110

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