Barcelona Day 5

As our flight was in late noon, we planned to go to camp nou to shop for souvenirs for my dear brothers (NOT LOL) but we got carried away by the shops and wet market nearby and went back to check out late! Good that the staff was so nice he still returned our deposits and offered to store our luggage for free.
For brunch I had cafe con leche (latte, I could finally not add sugar to my coffee :O does that make me a grown up now?!), a slice of honey cheese cake and croissant xocolat.
The moment I sat down with my tray of food. It hit me…this is the end of my first trip in Europe. I know I shouldn’t be sentimental, I am only 19 and there is plenty of time for me to come back. But rationally thinking, when will I afford this amount of time to come all the way to Spain? Life is an ongoing wheel and once something has happened, the next moment it is gone and you are still moving forward and forward. All that’s left is the tracks of shadow
I bought boots and ham and struggled to fit them all in my backpack. At the end I resorted to wearing most jackets on myself.
After that I had to adios Spain and bonzoir France again 😦 I will miss everything in Spain and the casual culture of eating whenever and however you want.
The next day I dealt with housing insurance, groceries, laundry, homework AND internship application. Then at night I embarked on another journey to BORDEAUX. 🙂
Who knows exchange actually made me worked more efficiently than back home? I am as busy as before, but this is the delightful kind of busy.
It also marked 1/5 of my exchange O.o what the heck?!

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