Barcelona Day 3

The 5th consecutive day of waking up before 8 (some days were 5am), this was even more intense than when I have to go to school haha.
 P1050789 P1050786
Early morning we toured in Sagrada Familia, the only building that was named a UNESCO world heritage site before it was even completed. Third product of Gaudi, the Genius. Unfortunately he died in a car crash before he could finish this beautiful piece (it mattered to him a lot as he did have a close relationship with god.) strangely enough, it was STILL under progress up to date… The 18 euros we paid to get in was said to fund the completion of the cathedral. So I guess money well spent ?
  P1050766 P1050769
The exterior should be nicer in summer where they don’t have all the annoying construction going on. Fascinatingly, the cathedral looked as though it was made of burning candles, of melted wax. I would not say the aura it emits was peaceful like most bright white churches elsewhere; rather it projects a solemn but strange and slightly dark emotions. Perhaps to Gaudi, religion isn’t always clean and white as sheets? Either way, the entire structure is again a flawless piece for sure.
 P1050794 P1050807
Going up one of the tallest tower was faintly fearful and extremely windy. Going down the spiral staircases (remember how Gaudi didn’t like straight lines?) made me dizzy too.
 P1050808 P1050812 P1050814
Nonetheless, I got to really take in the finely designed interiors and observed the effect of shifting sunlights on tinted glasses. Unlike most other churches I have seen, the tinted glasses in this cathedral does not portray any bible stories; it was just resembling irregular shapes and juxtaposing colors that have a nice contrast.
 P1050785 P1050774
JUST LOOK AT THAT, when you were inside this magnificent temple, it felt like anything can happen, all wishes can come true and nobody will ever leave you. It really was that magical.
Then we rushed to our second spot for today, mount montjuic.
P1050838 P1050846 P1050844 P1050853
It was a nice walk if you have the time, but if not I think it is skippable. The museum looked legit but if you are not into arts, like us, the montjunc is only fun for a stroll and taking funny photos.
P1050852  P1050855 P1050870
Now I have to stress on lunch. We were recommended a place where you pay around 13 euros for buffet, including sushi, sashimi, grilled seafood and ice cream. I would say it definitely was worth the price if you can eat like we did. It was definitively the most filling meal I have had for the past month and although my stomach hasn’t been practicing much in France, it picked up my usual pace after some warm up 😉 There only limited sushi and sashimi but good enough to extinguish my thirst for jap food. The grilled shrimp, clams, fish and pork was good. I lost count after the 7 scoops of ice cream but it was unbelievable how hearty the favors are! It was just walls ice cream but of quite special flavors like local Katalan cake, coconut, cinnamon etc. on top of that I got to eat all usual ones like strawberry cheesecake, mango and lemon sorbet etc. I was on 200% full :p NOT healthy at all.
While one of our companion had to rest, I walked into an orange store with Annie because it says on SALE. After huge effort of opening the door, the sales lady asked how she can help us. As we turned around, we saw all the mannequins with a huge belly… OOOOhhh it’s a store for PREGNANT WOMEN. HAHAHAHA Embarrassing…
After that, we obviously needed some walking. So we started the longest marathon we have had in Barcelona so far, and made it to hospital de saint pau after 3 hours. Unfortunately we missed the opening hour by just a bit. Oh well that’s life.
P1050944 P1050941
Then we talked over mojito because it was still early, and we were too full for dinner.
  P1050950 P1050954 P1050955

This is an insider joke. One day we passed by a restaurant in Madrid, and there was a gentleman was holding a lady’s hand and you could really see sparks fly between lol. I love Spain.

P1050892 P1050891


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