Barcelona Day 2

It was yet another long day! We headed for Palau de Musica Catalana guided tour (11 euros an hour) This is again a UNESCO world heritage site which was welcoming and absolutely colorful.
  P1050654   P1050692
The design is again closely linked to nature. As a theater, however, a lot of audio and visual  conditions were also taken into account and apparently, even the type of materials that the chairs were made of can distort the concert experience!
 P1050673 P1050690
The stage was designed where a local Catalan musician statue is on one side while Beethoven’s statue on another. Muses with instruments from all over the world were crafted at the background and roses were commonly used throughout the construction. The center ceiling was a transparent, color tinted glass that symbolizes the sun, where all things originated from.
P1050659 P1050638
When we left, we came across a car parade headingto Monte Carlo. So exciting, always something going on 🙂
 P1050696 P1050697
We also passed by another gothic church which actually wasn’t that amusing anymore. It was like the 10th church we have seen so far. (I think in Europe, 90% of the tourist spots are plazas, palaces, fountains, churches, markets, and museums)
P1050699 P1050708
For lunch I got to meet up with Alice and we had an awesome brunch at milk with her roommates. It was nice to see familiar faces in a foreign country.
Afterwards, we went to Park Gueill, also a Gaudi product. It was very him and the absence of straight lines was again his signature.
P1050747 P1050714 P1050720
There was also a lizard just randomly situated at the park. I got to say Gaudi’s children should sue Agnes b. for the lizard logo.
 P1050734 P1050729 P1050746
As we left, we ran into Priscilla and her friend! i mean come on, i know it’s a small world after all, but how did we just bump into the only person we know in a big city like Barcelona?
So it was time for dinner again but police told us that supermarkets were closed, right, it was a Sunday, I kept forgetting that. So no meat ball and we had to buy other things instead.
Note to self: yet again proven the importance of contingent planning.
It was still early so Annie and I went to a wax museum bar and had Cava and Moscatel in the jungle. There were waterfalls and floating nanny in the bar. ODD. Fundamentally though, the talk was really enjoyable as we turned out to have a lot in common 🙂
It finally rained on us on the way back but my mood was too good to be affected by mere raindrops.

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