Barcelona Day 1

Barcelona Day 1
First I have to talk about the hostel, cool and chic in Collblanc. It deserves perfect score. Despite the location, (around 15 mins away from most things) for 8 euros a night, it was beyond worthy.

1) really nice staff, we shopped until 12 but we were to check out at 11 but he still gave us our deposit back :’) and he showed us where to visit and helped us plan.
2) extremely clean and spacious room and toilet
3) full equipped kitchen and common area
4) for FC Barcelona Fans, you are 10 mins away from Camp Nou
5) the neighborhood was safe and there was a fresh market just nearby and many bakeries and stores!

All in all, we had a great time in the hostel.

IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304

For lunch we met with Annie and her friend, who happens to also know my friends. And her friend also knows another friend of mine who is on exchange in Pamplona. What a pequeno world 😉

P1050514 P1050515

I had salad, paella and dessert for 13 euros and it effectively quenched my desire for good food.


Then we strolled along Passeig de Garcia and visited one of the many Gaudi products: Casa Batillo.


I did not like it at first, but after the detailed description and the visit, I was extremely intrigued by the concept of the house.

P1050557  P1050559  P1050568

Gaudi was greatly inspired by nature, and in the movie Prometheus, there was a quote when they landed on another planet: “god does not built in straight lines.” I wonder if it was a linkage to Gaudi.

There were no straight lines in the mansion and the way it interacted with natural light for both practical and aesthetic purpose was simply magical.

P1050562 P1050591

The monster looking mansion is like a living organism itself. It was so practical with all the air holes, use of space and to let light enter, but at the same time so emotional, with the use of distorted glass, flowery decorations, curves and shades of blue…it really moved me, at one point I almost teared up and I never knew architecture can be so overwhelming.


The windows are smallest on top and biggest at the bottom as light travels easiest to the top level. The shades of blue tiles are also darkest on top so the whole wall will look consistent under sunlight.

P1050575  P1050593

How can someone possibly be such a genius?

Note to self: make my kids architects

Along the streets there were many funky looking buildings too, like this, with its hair all messed up :p

P1050542 P1050601 P1050610P1050626  P1050605

Then we walked along another market where we shared scoops of Pistachio, kinder bueno n kit kat ice cream for 3.7 euros. 🙂 you could kind of tell I was in ecstasy :p

P1050625  P1050623

For dinner, we went to a fresh market and bought clams and champignons for dinner.

IMG_2257 (failed capture when I said tres (3) xD)

Spain is such a happy place 🙂


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