Madrid Day 2

We got up early and started our day with leftover tortilla. With Siu lee, we were finally free from reading maps. (And being lost) Spanish supermarkets made us realize how expensive chez moi is.

Museum del Romanticismo


Another market


Fountain 🙂 and some other things, problem with Spain is most buildings looked like they were meant to be touristic spots…


For lunch we had tapas again at an even cheaper place, 8.5 euros for a mojito, a beer and enough food for 2. I was literally in heaven. It was not just about the price, but the quality of the food the generous portions and sizzling heat. YES I burned my tongue…but the meal was oh so filling both literally and emotionally. My happy level spiked every time I eat in Spain and I was glad that I don’t live here, or else I might end up doubling my size.




Church: we got kicked out by the priest :p and I spilled water… Long story




Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza, we were supposed to go to Prado too, but after 3 hours of seeing arts, I realized that’s just not my thing :p



Well there were tears in my eyes, perhaps the paintings touched my heart, or I was just yawning too much :p

We took a break for churros dipped with chocolate and I could not stop eating them despite how fattening they were. Spain IS heaven.



Then we shopped again and unfortunately men section was either on the top or bottom most floor and Siu lee was pissed off, I quote “so men do not need to wear clothes or shoes, right? They just go around naked.”

Walking for 12 hours straight was exhausting so it was time to go home at 10. But wait we haven’t had dinner! No worries, this is Spain, and we are in one of the largest cities, so after a miracle of fitting all I bought into my backpack, we went for dinner!

Note to all: make sure you come with luggage space, sale is EVERYWHERE and you can always buy ham 🙂

We went out for tapas again and frozen yogurt (I still haven’t seen any in Nice 😦 and since I have been living in a small town, I was so surprised to see so many cars at 12 am and 6 parallel lanes. And most importantly there were no dog shit here.

The next morning, we headed straight to airport, to our next destination – Barcelona! The hostel receptionist was kind enough to escort us to the check out place at 5:30 am 🙂

Feb 1 6:50 am stuck in airport for another 2.5 hours due to captain being sick, at least I got 5 euros free food


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