Madrid Day 1

After spending a night at Madrid airport, we were off to visit the Madrid Palace and Plaza de Oriente and it welcomed us with windy but sunny weather.




There were kids who saw us and started doing gang nam style dancing … Strange but it happened 4 times in our trip.

We stopped by a library (I managed to recognize biblioteca despite my extremely limited Spanish;)
Then we got kicked out for reasons that I did not understand because the grumpy lady refused to speak English. (Perhaps it’s for playing with their seemingly ancient books? :p)


Then we visited a really warm but rather expensive market, Parque de Retiro, and a nice church. (Well they kind of all looked the same after awhile, but still worth paying a visit šŸ™‚ and I promised a dear friend to visit churches and take photos.






It was already 2 pm and in Spain, that means lunch time! We finally joined my equally food loving friend Annie who is on exchange in Madrid for a Spanish tapas lunch. I had to eat 2 bread because well I wasn’t full with just one. It was 3.2 euros including a beer! I started liking Spain from that precise moment when I dive into the Jamon croissant along with a gulp of bubbly cold beer.

We also passed by Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Sol and witnessed a protest…That was when I realized Madrid is the capital of Spain.




Note to self: improve your poor geography.

The late afternoon was for shopping! Everywhere was rebajas. And I carefully spent just a bit :p
At night Siu lee(with a I can’t recognize him hairstyle) joined us from Valencia and impressed all of us with his Spanish (then we realized there were English on the menu.) xD



OH my the dinner was so good, yet only 10 per person ! We had sangria, oxtail stew, paella mixta, bread and tortilla.



It is really impossible if we were in France… I started to wonder why I forgot to consider food as a factor when I applied for exchange…



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