Growing up part 1


ImageThose are raw carrots. Yes, I washed them, removed their skin and chopped them. To bring to school for “snacks”

SINCE when do I actually eat carrots? Well, I guess part of growing up, is to do things that are not the most desirable, by are good for ourselves.

My strategy is to eat it when I am most hungry. That way, my standard for food would reduce to zero and thus whatever I eat becomes 10 times more bearable. For carrots…it didn’t work THAT well but I am trying. 🙂

On the other hand,  I have just finished this heavenly pack of chocolate: Creme Brulee flavor, there were actually burnt caramel crumbs INSIDE it. Oh my gooood. Now that I have finished it,  I can buy a new flavor next time 🙂 When I am back from SSSsssssspain. 


It is all about treating yourself a little better 🙂 every day. 



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