Like a Child – Circus

Oh my, it has been ages since I have the time to write this. Too much planning to do, but I am glad I’m all set until Early March, and already starting to plan for April and May with my beloved roommate ๐Ÿ™‚ There will be posts about my trips to 6 other cities by early Mar ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

So apart from researching on how to get to where and where to go next… we managed to make it to a FREE circus festival in Monaco (yes, again, it is quite a pretty place with nice people.) We have seen Monaco at it’s prettiest our first time, and this time it was just non-stop pouring -_-


Anyway Monaco is now officially my favorite country, because their hotels provide FREE FOOD! First stop: Silence Auction at Marriott Hotel. There were free Nespressor, Coffee, Tea, Juice Pastry ( I had one of each: Croissant, pain au chocolate and pain au raisins ^^) and fruits (which I did not eat… my skin wasn’t thick enough). And nothing can make me happier than free food. Well there were also circus related things that date back hundreds of years such as posters, photos, magazines etc. It was quite interesting (I don’t remember much apart from the delicious pastries and English Breakfast Tea :P)


P1050159 P1050160


Then we saw so many clowns along the way. They were adorable.




And it is the time for the preview of Circus show! I briefly remember that I have seen one, where there are animals and gummy bears, but I am not too sure if it was just a dream because it is too vague. This time, however, was such an old-fashion, traditional circus.

P1050136 P1050135 P1050137 P1050138 P1050139

There were cages, hand-painted banners, red carpet, dome shape white tents, clowns, lions and tigers and horses and piglets OH MY Gooooodness and cotton candy and popcorn. That smell combined with horse shit is the defining smell of CIRCUS.

P1050148 P1050149 P1050154

We sat down on a really good seat because we started waiting like 1.5 hours before it and I felt like a little kid. I could not stop jumping on my seat because I was just too excited. Although I felt like a kid, I am no longer one :/, so I was not invited to sit at the VIP row, which was partly reserved for kids, how sweet is that ๐Ÿ™‚


Then the show start with an old man with beard, black hat and red blazer, boots and white pants. It was just like dumbo. It was a different experience really, it was colorful and cheerful. The lighting and performance was rather intriguing and eerie, but all in all very enjoyable.

P1050239 P1050246


Then we wrapped our circus day with an exhibition on circus costumes and paintings which was again, very colorful and cheerful.

P1050253 P1050255 P1050251

It is an amazing day because 1) we never thought we will make it to something special like this 37th Circus Festival 2) it was never in our plan.

Perhaps sticking rigidly to a plan is not the best way to experience. Perhaps it is best that things go wrong (I.E. being pushed around, and hair pulled when getting on a bus in the rain, I do not understand why people never line up) and eventually you feel much more.


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