Timepiece (fancy name for expensive watches)

I haven’t been writing much because I finally have started classes~!

My second seminar is “How to build a Luxury Brand.” The guest speaker is in his mid 30s and he has worked in LVMH, Porsche and other European luxury brands. Then he opened his own business, Cyrus, on luxury watches. In his class it wasn’t much about how to build a brand; rather he was sharing his stories and personal experiences about his business. There are certain points that I really agree and was inspired. He talked about his grandfather learning German in his mid 70s. and “When there is a will, there is a way.”

He mentioned that his friends stopped being curious and daring after 30 and started having families and kids. “And from then on, their life is static. They are not going anywhere.” I sort of agree with him and perhaps it is really selfish; but everyone should have their own ideal framework of life and at this point, despite how good I can see myself as a housewife, I will probably stick to the no family framework.

And about his business, I could not follow half the time because I know nothing about diamonds or famous watches… (I could only pick up like Omega, Rolex, IWC Patek Philippe and that’s it) But I started to wonder, when people spend a big fortune to buy these “timepieces” , have they lost track of the essence of a watch, which is to be reminded of time so to BE on time? I agree that some people treat watches as accessories and that is another story; but when so much emphasis is put on how ACCURATE the watches are, it is completely futile when the watch owner does not have a proper concept of time. Being prompt is a virtue, and wearing extravagantly expensive watches does not guarantee this.

Have we, human, missed out the most fundamental essences in life, and focused on the wrong details such as the superficial and appearances instead?


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