This morning when I was woken up by outrageously noisy sound from outside at 8:30 am, I suddenly realized – I am in France. I am WAKING UP, in FRANCE. Such a strange feeling that I am still not used to after being here for 2 weeks.

Nothing much for these couple of days. There are however several rather peculiar incidences.

1) Time: 12:15 am Jan 14

Venue: outside of our apartment building

It was a buddy party yesterday and buses stop service at 9 so we had to walk back. It was fun walking back with not a single shadow on the street except the 3 of us. So we were chatting and laughing all the way till our lobby.

P1050132 P1050131 P1050130

There is a black sensor thing that is attached to our home key to open the glass door at the lobby. We always have one that works, and one that doesn’t. At 12:15 am, we realized we took the wrong one.

So we are locked outside, panicking for 10 minutes. No one is going to leave the building until 6 am when they walk their dogs. It wasn’t freezing outside and I did not need to use the toilet, but waiting outdoor for 7 hours instead of curling up in my warm bed is just a very unwelcoming idea.

Then our savior appeared, who is also from our university. That is how lucky (and careless) we are.

2) Time: 11:45pm Jan 15

Venue: Home

So here I am, looking up where to go and how to get there, I realized something’s wet behind me… my bottle leaked again. I cannot get any clumsier. Ok no problem, I will just clear things out and let the bag dry. BUT NO WAIT, I have my bank notification letter for opening bank account inside,, and that’s how it looks like


Thank god I did not discover this tomorrow when I am in the bank, that would be really odd.


Today we went to Carrefour again, and I SAW THIS.

IMG_2149 IMG_2157

I thought I was in Heaven for 10 seconds. It wasn’t just chocolate, it was dessert flavored ones. Whoever came up with this brilliant idea deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace. Seriously, chocolate makes the world a better place šŸ˜‰

The coco crunch animal looks different here


And today the moon was smiling at me. šŸ™‚



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