Strong, Independent Woman. (well, trying to be)

Awesome stuff, finally settled bank account AND residence permit WALA. Just some follow up to do but all that’s left for now is wait.

When we arrived home from school to cook lunch, we found a Carrefour DISCOUNT magazine in the lobby. Those that you will throw away instantly when you see it at home. But right here right now, things are very different. We immediately picked it up and started crunching it like it’s the most interesting book in the world.

So pork is on sale, canned ravioli too and also ham and… Oh! Buy 3 is cheaper …But we first need to settle bank account. We swiftly cooked carbonara and ran to BNP Paribas. Thank god Erika knows some french, or else we could have sold ourselves to the bank for life without knowing it. So I signed many documents in French and the T and C are in French… well hopefully nothing went wrong.

Then, we were off to a HUGE Carrefour that we discovered earlier. Somehow I felt excited for supermarket shopping. Like a housewife lolol (C 9) The Carrefour was so huge that we did not know where to begin.


But who knows grocery shopping is so much fun?

There were cakes that’s meant to expire the next day so they were 3 euros for 4 hahaha and we bought that. The cake was divine! (This is just 1 cut into 3 pieces :p)


We were thrilled to see cheap things and started looking for the ones with the latest expiry date. It was honestly a lot of fun.

We kept buying and buying and realized we have enough food for the whole month… THEN, we have to CARRY them. We always forgot to take that into account when buying, but oh well we always manage to get home with everything and still breathing!

Another fun part is we have a tiny fridge, so fitting them all in is already a major accomplishment.


Now I can definitely see myself as a housewife 😉


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