C for Cannes (A for Antibes, B for Biot lol and so on)

Off to Cannes today. Weather not that nice unfortunately :/ but the place is fun nonetheless. There were many Cruella De Villes πŸ˜› (Old ladies in fur with big dogs) and so many nice cars and yachts. (One was called Nonetheless, and one called Knot To Worry)



We arrived at 9 am and just walked around to get the map and figured out where to go. Then we ended up roaming around the old town and the Castle Museum. Free entry for estudiants. I love France.

P1040854 ( I have to post this because I look tall for once πŸ˜‰

It was donated by several rich aristocrat, rich man’s daughter and a journalist/soldier from many years ago and there were exhibits from Arctic, Latin America, Himalayan and Oceania etc.

P1040870 P1040879

This photo below is a currency they used to use to buy WIVES and FINE PIGS in Solomon Islands. YES, wives and pigs. I had to laugh at that. The brighter the color, the higher the value of this currency, so whoever has the sharpest one gets to buy the wife or pig that he desires the most.


There were also paintings from the 19th century and they were just like photographs. The castle itself holds all these exhibits and is a lot of fun to tour around too.


We climbed up 109 stairs to a clock tower that over looked the whole of Cannes. (These are old stairs only thank god haha they have newer ones now)


Too bad the sun was on a strike today (haha french thing) if not the view would be 10 times nicer.



Then we started looking for the marches around (flower and grocery markets) and we passed by so many petit restaurants and shops “SOLDES” (On sale) until we made it there. Then we finally started shopping yay. And then we tried looking for another museum that is unfortunately closed today. It only opens on 2 days a week from 3-6pm. WHAT kind of musee does that? -_-


Anyway we have to come back again to the 2 islands outside of Cannes so we weren’t too upset. Then we walked around the port and down the beach for the sunset. Each beach is completely different: the Nice one was black rubbles, the JLP one is whiter and softer sand but this in Cannes, is darker and harder, with many many seagulls. The sound of waves tapping the coast was angelic. The sunset could have been better if the sun wasn’t on strike haha but we will come back again πŸ™‚

P1040947 P1040958

What really touched my heart today was that 2 old couples approached us so genuinely when we were looking at our map-turning-it-constantly-not-sure-where-we-are-lookng-puzzled-and-confused. They spoke to us in French which I could only guess that she meant her husband has some Chinese blood too and she blessed us. Who knows that French people (especially elderlies) are that nice? People’s stereotype and misconceptions should really be reassessed.

One last joke: We can always run to a bus even when we see it from the other side of the street and still catch it for sure.


Because most often, the people boarding the bus are old and they move r-e-a-l-l-y-s-l-o-w. Lucky for us πŸ™‚ And I love old people in France. They are lovely.

Jan 9 9:40pm


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