Every piece of me is happy, I really am utterly blissful. I wish life can always be like this…and haha today I somehow ended up looking like a cowboy…


Well, Sundays in France means everything closed. Bizarre. Luckily, we still managed to see new things today. We fully explored the beach today and walked along the coastline all the way along Juan Les Pins. The sand was velvety and there were sparkly sun diamonds floating on the vast ocean.



Giggling kids were every where and it was just great to feel the sunshine soaking into my skin and hair.

We shopped around and I spent 60 Euros on a jacket and a sweater. (It was NECESSARY!) Then we got lost again but people were always willing to help so we managed to get to Antibes later on.

We were just roaming around but ended up in a Noel Carnival that was to end on Jan 6! Of course it was just for kids, but it was nice to see something happening on a DEAD Sunday where most shops were closed.



We also discovered a flea market sort of thing and we definitely will go back again on a Saturday morning.



Then we just randomly turned and kept walking until we were facing the sea again. There were yachts and castles. The sky was painted in watercolors, rosy pink blue purple all fused together. How can I EVER get tire of this?


Then I tripped… too concentrated on admiring the beauty of the sky; I completely ignored the blockage right in front of me. OUCH >.< My knees are blue now hahaha but at least I did not fall down so it’s still good.

Note to self: try to be less clumsy I beg you… those eyes you have are also for looking out for danger and not just admiring lovely things!

It was already dark at 5:30 so we had to go home and cook dinner. Nights were still very cold despite the warm mornings. We had chopped potatoes, carrots and onions with beef kind of stew with rice cooked by our beloved roommate. It was delicious though I was still only 70% full. At least I was having a healthy diet. May be I will just get a banana and sleep early. Somehow we are not doing much but I am tired at night nonetheless. I planned to wake up earlier to run but the sky is still pitch dark at 7:30 so what choices do I have? OR may be it is a matter of determination?

Tomorrow off to school again and do grown up things like opening bank account and doing residence permit.

Wish me luck!

Jan 6 8:55 PM




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