A magical place

First week in France is almost over! We finally found a supermarket in Antibes where we can buy food, and we spent around 35 Euros for groceries, meat and chocolat powder. We can now have mashed potato, carbonara or bolognese pasta or hamburger or rice with tomatoes or carrots or eggs and stuff (YES I am trying to eat carrots although I still think they should just be for rabbits…) for 2 weeks.

We settled bus pass and collated all potential bus maps that we might need. Then today we were out for Biot! It’s a town nearby and it’s famous for the making of glass; they said that the perfume bottles from Grasse and oil bottles from Provence are all made in Biot.

We got off like 8 stations early and walked for 45 minutes extra before actually arriving a tourist spot. We walked along highways but luckily, did not get run over.


There were a lot of absolutely gorgeous houses along the way and I thought perhaps one day I can afford one. (I checked! They are only 300,000 Euros!)


I would wake up to a small balcony with elegantly designed black rails and white elongated windows; where sunlight floods into my room and glistens upon my white sheets and fluffy pillows. I would get up and make tea in pretty chinas and have scones with homemade jam and fresh cream for breakfast. I would be reading a fascinating book with small dog Marshy on my lap and patting Mallow the big white dog….Well, enough dreaming. Moving on.


We finally found the first stop, la Verrerie de Biot, where they make glass. It’s unlike the States where everything is purely for presentation and showing off. The 4 old man were working on their respective masterpiece (some makes candle stands and some does wine glasses) in a relaxed but steady pace. They were very absorbed in what they were handling and completely ignored the people surrounding their workstation. It was warm and you could smell the burning of glass. Then we looked at the glassy artwork around it and headed off to our next stop, Biot Vieux Village.



The bus driver said Ni Hao to us and then we arrived the escalated Village. Quoting my roommate from Mexico, the place was just like the town Beauty and the Beast was based on. There were yellow and cream colored houses; outdoor ice-skating rink made with wooden fences; small cafes with petite tables and chairs and small fountains. Oh and there were many mini coopers and alfa romeos.


There was magic in the village. The air was cold but the town warmed my heart. The twinkling lights were glittering and glowing in my eyes. My mind was drunk with the charm of Biot vieux village and all my troubles vanished into the winding alleys.

Jan 5 22:34 pm




One thought on “A magical place

  1. Hi Rach – I enjoy tremendously reading your blog as they are really very fasinating and amazing. It is so good to be YOUNG, do grap every of your chance to absorb new culture and have fun. But mind you, you have to be alert and aware at all times, do not indulge in all the new adventures and overlook the danger.

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