Thoughts at 1 a.m.

While watching global weather forecasts, memories flooded my brain as they featured Arcachon and it’s beautiful beaches. I should stop asking where have the time gone because so damn much has happened thus far, but as a new to society small potato, all sorts of things are preventing me from writing meaningfully and coherently.

I don’t even know how to pick up from where I have left off. Just like most things I started, they never finishes well…but nonetheless, rereading it every single time brings me to a different state of mind…”So that’s what I was thinking back then?” “How xxxxing stupid I was back then?” “Who does that really? ME?” but one recurring thing is that every single time, I feel positive energy being injected into my veins and flow towards my entire body along with every pump of blood.

Indeed, some things are not meant to last forever, and the chances of reliving them are slim. However, the fact that it happened, the memories inked on your skull, is the ONLY thing that matters.


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