Buda-Pest (CHEAPEST city ever) Part 1

Finally, the cities that I have long been told are beautiful. Central Europe is an interestingly different place compared to the other “more developed” Western european countries. Let’s start with my favorite – Budapest.


It was so shabby and dirt cheap, precisely why I loved it. We flew Wizz Air for the first time, and I could not believe we had to compete to get on board! My favorite budget airline is still Easyjet.


It was my first time landing into an airport covered with snow. The timing, geographical location all doesn’t add up to snowing in my head. I was puzzled. Can anyone tell me why it’s so cold in Central Europe?!


Boarding the metro, it was like traveling 50 years back in time… they probably have been using the same old train for a century; like was going to fall apart any time, how lovely.


At city center, there was this huge colorful market building with overpriced touristy souvenirs. It was filled with an energetic vibe. But I preferred the outdoor although it was freezing.


I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT MUCH SNOW EVER IN MY LIFE! Those kinds that I only see in movies: upon each step, crushy sound will be heard and footprints (like on sand) are left 1 inch deep. I would have lied down and do the snow angel thing if my jacket wasn’t new and I have someone to clean up my clothes afterwards.


The snow was so thick that we simply couldn’t resist drawing a smiley face on this cute turquoise car.


Then of course in ANY city, there are the churches.


See how different it looked when the sun came out? Even the color changed. Erm , my friend said the people loved this saint stephen so much that his hand was cut out and placed inside this church…interesting logic eh?

P1090213  P1090224

Why i said Budapest was really cheap: we had dessert-tea for only 2 euros / person! It was sweet bread soak honeymilk with mysterious powder on top (It reminded me of heung low fui – sorry for the Cantonese) and Chocolate sauce pancakes with raisins and crushed nuts.

P1090218 P1090217

To burn off the calories, we went for a scroll along the famous river. The sun was setting and to me, it is the most exhilarating moment of a day.


Yes it is calm and still, but it recharges my soul (If I have one?) with its glorious golden rays, upon the river, melting the snow, tinting the lonely (ugly) snowman. With every breath, I took in the wonderful scent of twilight as the day come to a close.

P1090270 P1090276

On a nice day like this, it also reminds me brutally that a lot a lot of minutes has passed and it will be tomorrow soon. On a bad day, however, it is a relief to know that darkness is approaching and I will be secluded again soon to just settle everything internally.

P1090257 P1090235

Dinner: my first try of rabbit meat, it tasted like chicken. And the arguably tasty vegetable dish. Who knows it’s that difficult to order normal veggie? Come on all we wanted was to stay healthy!

P1090281 P1090282

– And up to this point, my list of lost things include 2 left gloves, a hat and an adaptor …


Somehow this lonely chair, and the melted snow (yes same as water) mirroring the bronze railings reminded me of the song Someone like you.

P1090277 P1090274

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”  – the MV was filmed in PARIS! better check that out when I am there next month 🙂



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