Milan, Italy

First of all I’d like to declare my love for these gorgeous, lovely and heavy keys. The Rome one even has my favorite number on it. They were so tricky to use but I just adore them 🙂

P1090135 IMG_2752

Now why such a dull title? Because that will only suit how the 2 days felt in Milan. Some personal issue undermined the supposedly very exciting shopping hearts of ours. But none of that matters anymore, issue was not fixed, but I have learnt to let go and accept. So back to Milan.


They have these GENIUS technology in the train station so we could spare our arms for once (Apart from the lifting up and down buses, budget airlines’ staircase to the plane, UP our 3nd floor hotel  etc.)


When I thought of Milan, I automatically think of the huge cathedral. But what I didn’t know is that the plaza in front of it are full of black guys handing out bracelets “for free” saying those are “gifts from africa”. It just sounded so odd and we never took them…wonder what would happen though if we did.


All the branded luxury shops are here in this glorious mall: Gucci, Prada, LV etc. Not exactly what we were looking for, we were starving FOR FOOD.


The mall has starry tiles in blue. AND THERE we found it. We had lunch there twice during our 2 days in Milan.





These friendly Swiss couple sat next to us and told us how they like to hear Chinese because they think it’s a beautiful language. What we noticed was how nice the old man was towards his wife. He helped her into her jacket, and these things I just never see in the Chinese society. I know that does not mean they don’t love each other as much, but perhaps they just show it in a different way.


Turns out Milan will hold the World Expo in 2015, there were all these flags along the walking street. Until we felt tired and sat down in this coffee place.

P1090048P1090052  P1090054

Then we got hungry…no wait I think we were tired again, or were we cold? OH WELL who cares, we had gelato right after. This GROM place is one of the best one we have had so far!


P1090062  P1090063

The next day we came back to the same restaurant because it really was that good, and we were too lazy to think.

P1090068 P1090067

The plan was to see other famous attractions, i.e. Sforza castle, and The Last Supper, but since the theme of Milan is fail, we not only missed the opening hours of the castle by just 5 minutes, we also didn’t know to see the oh – so – famous – last supper has to be pre-booked one week in advance…

P1090092 P1090088  P1090120

Caught a glimpse of someone taking photo of a couple who was so “in love”. 😉


At the end we sat down outside a church to take a break. Suddenly the bells started to ring. Usually it is peaceful and calming, but the ones there? It sounded unsynchronized and so chaotic. Sigh, what else to say about that? Even the bells we heard were super fail.

P1090118 P1090116


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