The land of RUINS – Rome, Italy


The first stop of my longest trip ever. Rome… movies like Angels and Demons, Eat Pray Love etc. built a high expectation inside my head and the reality is, everywhere I looked in Rome was RUINS. Not that I didn’t like it, but may be if it was tied together with a wretched love story of a Prince and a beautiful girl, it would have been more interesting. (Even the signs call those “ruins”)


So what I loved about Italy? Sorry for being shallow again, but it has to be the gelato. All in all my lovely companion and I had almost 30 scoops of gelato throughout Rome and Milan. Some were better than others, but most of them were way above average and reasonably priced. That alone is a big enough motive to go to Italy! Then again they also have the pizza, risotto, pasta, panini…you name it and they probably taste better than you could imagine 🙂



The inevitable first stop is obviously the old town. Colosseum, some kind of Square, some crippled walls, broken rocks (Sorry too lazy to look up what they are called, but you really don’t need to know, just follow the crowd and you won’t miss these “touristy” places)

P1080687 P1080731


All those ruins looked the same and we kept going in circles. My map reading skills must have improved a lot but still not meticulous enough. P1080710P1080703

How I wish I was born a man, not being sexist, but it’s biological that they are better in navigation.

P1080729  P1080737P1080738 

The weather was thankfully nice, although for a southern France-r no weather can really impress me anymore, so spoiled by the always bright sunshine white clouds blue sky weather. So much talking and laughing along the way, combined with gelato stops in between.


Before we know it, we stumbled upon THE fountain. It was BEYOND crowded. My height, of course, was a huge disadvantage at these scene, good that my buddy is tall and I could just cling on to her 🙂


I did throw coins in so hopefully it will bring me back to Rome 🙂

P1080758 P1080768

The sun set so quickly while we ran into a WWF event. Do you know why their logo is a panda?


Because when they started they were too poor and black and white printing is cheapest! Learn something new everyday eh! (Credits to my roommate 🙂

The mornings were so warm but at night, it started to get cold again. We had to stop by an ancient but elegantly designed mall to defrost before we could continue walking to dinner. We were really exhausted from the 8 hours of walking and decided to take the metro back instead, 1.5 euro each. It was too cold to walk back anyway. And that’s when the REAL adventure begins.


We finally sat down at a restaurant. We first sat outside reading the menu but suddenly everyone started jumping onto their chairs and we did the same, not knowing what was going on because they all spoke Italian. TURNS OUT THERE WAS A MOUSE RUNNING ACROSS from the other side. No big deal, we then moved inside to dine. I mean all we wanted was some hot food to replenish our energy… Ok we ordered our food and it tasted good, of course it has to be, it’s ITALY.


Funny how we only carried just enough cash and brought our credit card along. When we paid for our meal, we realized service charge wasn’t included and the waiter was expecting tip. We gave 3 euros to them and happily left the restaurant with a full stomach. THEN it occurred to us why we have 3 euros left is because we saved that for taking the metro back home! So instead of our perfect plan, we had to walk 45 mins home. We couldn’t even find our map anymore. Turns out we left it outside when the mouse intruded…it was wet because water was spilled when we were frightened.


What else could we do but laugh at our own stupidity? We had to half run half walk back because it really was cold, our clothes wasn’t meant for the night. All in all it was a great day though. Get a good companion and you are 50% guaranteed to have a good trip 🙂

P1080787 P1080788

The next morning we had breakfast served inside our room. It wasn’t super fancy, but we were just staying in a hostel! I wasn’t expecting that at all. The next day we met the new Pope in Vatican! More on that in the next post 🙂


Oh and I almost forgot about these lovely Brocoli looking trees 🙂



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