The Gloomy and Briefly Sunny Copenhagen


Funny how I finally picked up writing again after 15 days of non-stop traveling to 6 cities. Wasn’t completely crazy, no, but challenging enough for someone as “sporty” as myself. Time to walk down memory lane and record bits and pieces before I forget. Hang on though, I still haven’t wrote about Copenhagen, which was a month back! Seriously where has the time gone? (That reminds me of Dali! can’t wait to get to write about him later on when I get to Venice 😉

Copenhagen was special because I saw snow for the first time. It made me clapping and jumping deep down in my heart. But then Budapest and Vienna welcomed me with too much snow…Can I just have the snow without the cold please? (In your dream -_-)

319539_10151502649356438_97694837_n P1070936

Late Feb was pretty gloomy up north. Good that the salivating food made up for it. Here are some highlights of my trip 🙂 First and foremost, the green frozen poor baby. Nah kidding. Of course there were things to see in Copenhagen.


Point to note: really touristy landmarks are usually a let down, or was it because my expectation was too high?

1) Touristy places (I know… someone painted the C out lol)


It was freezing (-2, that’s beyond tolerable for someone who was spoiled by the Southern France weather) so we simply couldn’t walk, the Canal tour was at least warm. All there is to say is a landmark without sun is like food without salt.


It was snowing/raining (Can’t really tell, no expert at this) and I knew it’s not really the colorful houses’s faults, they did their best to look pretty, the sun simply wasn’t feeling cooperative.


(Under comparison, Venice + Sun was wondrous if not for the gazillion tourists) At least here it was not crowded.- more on that later on 😉

The lake was frozen so the boat had some things to do – cracking the ice while we listened.


This is it, THE mermaid. I couldn’t help but think why are all statues so miniature? This obviously is a salute to the most famous Danish, Anderson. We paid a visit to a museum about his life, and finally after all these years listening to Ugly Ducklings, I understood why he wrote such story.


This was where he stayed in for sometime! The story teller we all have heard of.

P1070914 P1070913

Apparently, Anderson was very unconfident as a child because he was, well ugly. (The museum put it in a nicer way but essentially that was it.) I wouldn’t comment on that because I think the concept of beauty is relative and very subjective. But I’m sure in one way or another, we feel unconfident, unworthy even, at times. I have definitely had one of those moments especially recently. Not really in the super optimistic mode right now but I guess all there is to comfort myself is that everyone has to be good at something, however trivial.

In the Ripley’s museum, some “talented” people could make music out of a flute with their nostrils. Well so be it. I am sure one day in my life I will figure out something that I am qualified to do. (Hopefully it doesn’t involve my nostrils.)


We also saw like a change of guard ceremony thing with these blue pants black furry hat guys. Wasn’t particularly fascinating but then again, there was nothing else to do otherwise 😛 Oh ok, I really liked the way it sounded when they march, the crisp sound of heels clashing the rocky ground in a synchronized rhythm.

P1080591 P1080579

2) Food – Was not particularly cheap, but I think the quality made up for it. Breakfast – heart shaped pastries. P1070835

FREE ICE CREAM! We each got 2 scoops and I dropped mine… typical me. Scraping out the part touching the floor, I finished my ice cream 😛 without getting sick (safe to say that after a month I supposed)


Traditional cake shop with a friendly old man receptionist (or owner?) Such a cute little shop with pricey but good cakes.


P1080641 P1080640 P1080639

The hotdog stands, It seems like hotdogs are famous everywhere…


Dinner all you can eat. Not very “local” but buffets are just my type. THEY HAVE PARMA HAM AND MELON. Capitals for the melon actually because they are so rare and overpriced in France. (or Europe in general)

P1080568 P1080567 P1080564

It may seem like we were always eating, but trust me, every calorie was 100% justified, you know the coldness, gloomy wet weather, non-stop walking etc.

P1070924 P1070923 P1070921

These sandwiches was really good. But still for the amount we paid, I expected it to be more filling.

P1070854 P1070855 P1070848P1070853

3) Shabby Train station and Protest – Copenhagen is such a civilized place (especially compared to Central Europe) but why did they allow their train stations to be “decorated” as such? I have no clue.


On the way out for dinner, we witnessed this huge student protest where people drink beer and marched. My 3rd time seeing a protest/demonstration in Europe and they never gets old unlike the guard changing ceremony 😉

P1080559 P1080557

On the second/last day, THE SUN came out. The whole place lit up and the city was suddenly all warm and welcoming.


Perhaps to end this it is worth mentioning their airport has some of the best wifi compared to the Europe airports I have been to 😛



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