My one and only published poem.

Aside from blogging about my traveling or particular interests, a proportion of my writing time is actually dedicated to poems. Unlike articles, it takes much more time to distill and settle. Poems are also much more personal as its flavor is entirely based on the level of emotions poured into it. Anyways, I feel like may be it is an apt timing to share this little poem of mine written 3 years back in New Jersey.

There is a lovely story behind it. During my exchange, I submitted this poem to Rutgers student literary magazine “imaginate zine” and was luckily chosen to be published in volume 2, issue 3! (unfortunately I left U.S already and did not get a copy for myself :/)

But how did I know it was published when I have already left? I actually received a random Facebook message from a caucasian girl:

“Hi this might be really creepy but if you’re the Rachel Cheung who goes to Rutgers and has submitted to this imaginate literary magazine, I just wanted to say that i love your poem “Always here” and it reminds me of my mom who passed away this past halloween. I’m really glad I came across it and I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. Hopefully this is the right Rachel lol. Sorry ignore this if it isn’t !
Every time I read this or merely recall the incident, I get goosebumps. Not because I’m so vain into thinking that someone liked my poem, but I am completely swept away by how words connect people and allow readers to  project their own experiences into it. There are infinite possibilities with words and for this sole reason, I come to it whenever I feel that empty hollow feeling in my stomach (no it is not the feeling of being hungry). Be it a brief expression of an instant emotion or well thought out articles; an exciting easy read like The Hunger Games or thought provoking Le Petit Prince, the process just makes me feel alive again.
Always Here

If ever you miss me

Just remember

I am still here

Around you like air


I am like air

Can’t touch me

or see me

But please absorb me

Sense me and feel me –


I refresh your mind –

intrigue your brain –

excite your bod’

And calm –



No less than before


Because I am air,

Your kind of air.

Even apart,

I am still around


Closer to you

Than anyone else

For I exist wherever

you’re at


So breathe me in

Like you would air

As I’ve never left

And am always here


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