Netherlands – part 2 (Maastricht, Eindhoven)


Definitely the longest time I have put my blog on hold as I have finally returned to reality; back to GMT +8. Now finally, a break from meeting family and friends, time for some self indulgent me-time.


I know I know, a Church in Europe, no big deal. But hey, guess what’s actually inside?

P1120469P1120474 P1120472P1120477

Wait a minute, doesn’t that look kind of like a bookstore? Well because it IS a bookstore! For once, 9gag posts aren’t myths! Of course there is big Miffy at child section 🙂


On a side note, highly recommend this funny and enlightening book from Sweden “The hundred- year -old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared.” It made me laughed a few times on my flight back.


Haven’t had any good waffles after my visit to Belgium in late Feb…until I met this pink store! They actually put chocolate sticks INTO hot waffles so by the time you bite till the middle, it melts in your mouth. hmm delicious.


I have seen many tourist trains, but solar paneled ones? Definitely the first time!


Somehow everyday was bright sun white cloud blue sky in Netherlands. Chilling by the river under the swaying shadows of slender trees; resting alongside people smoking weed, ahem, I mean enjoying themselves under the sun; watching mean black ducks chasing kinder ones  on the water surface… I can picture myself doing this for another few months.


P1120518 P1120489

Perks of being young: seemingly infinite time we’ve got. Seconds, minutes, hours that make up lives. Yet, the last 5 months flew by so quickly and before I can fully process it, I am into my last year in college. Time is so precious, do what you want to do and meet who you want to meet. Tomorrow might sound like a big promise but it really is no guarantee.


I was told the Treaty that created a common currency – Euro was signed right here at Maastricht 😉 To be honest, politicians should be more creative than naming their treaties after where they signed it…


Young adults playing saxophone next to the river, and I assume that’s what they do every weekend!

P1120522 P1120523  

Then a nice long reading break with…unknown drink, well we ordered lemonade but as long as it’s cold I am happy.


Roads are paved completely in old tiles making it extremely difficult to ride a bike.


It felt like Spring, everything blooming and you never know what to expect around the next corner 🙂 So many things are just waiting to happen.


Banks in Eindhoven somehow looked like big mansions…


And that’s a store inside an egg. Why is every building so unexpected?


Lastly, the first time I live in a room all by myself. The door number was not the luckiest but it was such a lovely single room. I actually had to buy an old school clock as my phone was lost :/ thank god I did not miss my flight. NOT even once. 😉

P1120570 P1120572 


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