The coolest (not literally) country – Iceland Part 2

Let’s start off with homemade Icelandic breakfast: Skyr, (Skii-er) the local yogurt like cheese and it tasted…healthy. Blueberry skyr though, was good.

Note to self: follow what a local buys when doing groceries in supermarkets…


Remember how in High School you studied Geography and you thought to yourself- when on earth will I be able to use these tectonic plates and currents theories ever? Well, I had my chances right here at Iceland. It was around 8 degrees considering its geographical location, it is extremely warm. This is because of the gulf stream that brings warm current all the way up from Florida.


Iceland is really the perfect Geo field trip. You get to see Eurasia and North American tectonic plates, waterfalls eroding the cliff and volcanoes etc. Iceland thus have the privilege to utilize geothermal energy and they use a lot of water to cool off those plants and here comes the wonderful by-product- geothermal pools ALL across Iceland.


They were amazing. Because we went in the low season, the pool was so spacious, water a creamy blue, just the right temperature with periods of mist passing by… We saw the sunrise and overlooked the black mountains all over.

P1080168554889_10151504816256438_482255448_n 733765_10151504815936438_373471840_n

This saved my life. I wouldn’t be able to continue the trip if I did not have such a relaxing morning floating, lying down, drinking strawberry smoothie and just let the sun penetrates my skin and hair.

The latter part of the day we roamed around Reykjavik again under the flawless weather. The famous Dreamboat sculpture right by the bay… as if it is ready to sail out anytime.

P1080221 P1080222

Watching young adorable children skating under technicolor graffitis with their parents watching over them



It is that time of the day again, as the sun goes down, it radiates such soothing rays of light all across the sky, through the clouds and all the way into my heart. My whole body warms from inside out. I felt so peaceful in Iceland, it’s like calming music is playing in my mind all the time.

P1080181   P1080182

Did that sound like the end of part 2? Well of course not because I still haven’t mentioned much about FOOD. This is Iceland’s best ice cream place according to Trip Advisor. We walked pass it so many times without realizing this is IT.


Such a colorful and bubbly family-owned shop. The owner’s daughter told us that they open and close whenever  they FEEL like it. Imagine this business model in Hong Kong? Doomed. But right here, it’s just so lovely. I wish I own a crepe shop that opens and closes whenever I want to.


Hazelnut ice cream with banana icelandic pancakes (= crepes in France)


That’s my snickers ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce on pancakes. The more fattening the food, the better it tastes like – the number 1 tragedy in the world. oh well.


This is frozen pancake with vanilla ice cream wrapped inside dipped in caramel and chocolate sauce on each end with coconut and almond toppings. Or to sum up in one word = heaven.


Apart from the relaxing routine, we understood a little more about the history of the Icelandic people by visiting this sweet little open air museum. It’s basically a real life model of the lives of Icelanders back in the days before modern civilization.


There were a small church that became someone’s house at some point and other civilian cottages.

P1080282 P1080278P1080277 P1080270

The tour guide demonstrated how Icelanders eat without a table (I want one of those), how they sit on skulls to milk the cows, how they make wool sweaters, how they cram many people under one roof because they were poor, and smoke ham right over their pot while cooking 🙂 Genius.

P1080301 P1080340P1080297

In the kitchen, there was already a waffle maker, how cute is that? Icelandic people were even tinier than me and their beds were just like baby cribs.



Who says Iceland isn’t cool? 😉 practically the only nice car I saw in 4 days though, Icelanders are rather modest.  All the more reasons to like them 🙂


People in Iceland are funny, nice, and they don’t do things just to rip off tourists’ money. They genuinely want visitors to appreciate the country that they so very much loved. We had to beg the guys to open the souvenir shop for us.

End of Part 2


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